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Chicagoland Geothermal's Goal is to make the customer comfortable in the knowledge that they have done their homework, looked at all possible energy and money saving considerations, and are purchasing the most efficient Geothermal HVAC system for their home or building.
Purchasing a system that is too large is simply a waste of money. We will meet with you to overview your home and discuss the most viable options for installation.

We are then able to analyze all the different factors that go into your particular job requirements (i.e., type of loop system, size of heat pump, depth of drilling, total load considerations, and potential additional cost savings options such as insulation, etc.) to produce the most cost effective project plan

After agreeing on the installation that's right for you, we do all the drilling, trenching and loop installation on schedule, paying attention to details and working with you and/or your builders' project plans.

Contact us by phone for Sales, Service and Technical Inquiries:
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